About Us

Anchorex.com is a Life Science talent platform. We care about saving lives through our service in the life science industry. We provide a medium for flexible work arrangements and remote work where businesses can outsource projects without geographical barriers to a global pool of experts. By outsourcing some projects to highly skilled life science experts scattered across the globe, businesses can be more efficient, address skilled talent shortages, save on cost, reduce time to market for products and focus more on their core activities. Life Science industries that we serve include:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Medical Device Industry.
  • Biotechnology Industry.
  • Foods and Dietary Supplements Industry.
  • Cosmetics Industry.
  • Animal Health Industry.
  • HealthInformation Technology.
  • Digital Health.
  • Others.

Our experts can provide end-to-end solution and have experience in: Drug Development, Medical Device development, Software development, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Research, Innovation, Engineering, Project Management, Marketing, Cybersecurity, Digital Health, Clinical Affairs, Technical writing, and more!